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Kenya Uncovered in 25 imagesby Li-Anne

A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not spare the words and let your eyes soak up Kenya through 25 photographs. These images are just a peek through the looking glass, an inch closer to experiencing Kenya in its fullness.

Image 1

Amboseli National Park by George Steinmetz resized

Photo of Amboseli National Park by George Steinmetz

Image 2:

baobab kenya dessert by Barbara R Jones resized

Photo of Baobab tree in Kenya by Barbara R Jones

Image 3:

elephants by detany resized

Photo of Elephants by Detany

Image 4:

flamingoes by Shawna Nelles resized

Photo of Flamingos by Shawna Nelles

Image 5:

hippos by Phil resized

Photo of Hippopotami by Phil

Image 6:

kenya-lion_by Michael Nichols resized

Photo of Kenyan Lion by Michael Nichols

Image 7:

leopard-tree-kenya_by Brian Helmuth resized

Photo of Leopard in tree by Brian Helmuth

Image 8:

kenya skies by Cristina Sbu resized

Photo of Kenyan landscape by Cristina Sbu

Image 9:

kenya equator by Makis resized

Photo of Kenyan map at Equator by Makis

Image 10:

masaai warriors resized

Photo of Masaai ladies in red by Photo Nature

Image 11:

kenya village huts by force 199 resized

Photo of Kenyan huts in tribal village by Force199

Image 12:

lake-turkana-fishermen_by Nigel Pavitt resized

Photo of Lake Turkana fishermen by Nigel Pavitt

Image 13:

masai-mara-kenya_by Wietske van de Zande resized

Photo of Masai Mara Kenya home life by Wietske van de Zande

Image 14:

Masai Mara National reserve by Jen Eudy resized

Photo of Sunset at Masai Mara National Reserve by Jen Eudy

Image 15:

migration by Miguel resized

Photo of Migration in Masai Mara by Miguel

Image 16:

mombasa camel beach by Chet Gordon resized

Photo of Camel on Beach in Mombasa by Chet Gordon

Image 17:

samburu-wedding_by Michael Nichols resized

Photo of Samburu Wedding celebrations by Michael Nichols

Image 18:


Photo of Samburu Seduction dance by Eric Lafforgue

Image 19:

tusk-arches-mombasa_by Ken Gillham resized

Photo of Tusk Arches in Mombasa by Ken Gillham

Image 20:

mount-kilimanjaro-by Steven Pollack resized

Photo of Mount Kilimanjaro by Steven Pollack

Image 21:

keyna beach life by Pier Luigi Dallimonti resized

Photo of Kenyan Beach life by Pier Luigi Dallimonti

Image 22:

topie-kenay-sunrise_by Linda Wilson resized

Photo of Kenyan sunrise by Linda Wilson

Image 23:

Mount ololokwe by Michaal Nichols resized

Photo of Mount Ololokwe by Michael Nichols

Image 24:

zebra purple fields by Ben Heine resized

Photo of Zebra in Kenyan fields of colour by Ben Heine

Image 25:

river nile kenya by Clinton Hadenham resized

Photo of the river Nile in Kenya by Clinton Hadenham

Want more? Drooling onto your keyboard? The Overlanding Africa Kenya tour options is just a mouse click away – Do it, you know you want to! Keep discovering!

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