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Is There Such A Thing As A Cheap African Safari?by Dalene Ingham-Brown

As one of the most popular destinations in the world, finding cheap safari in Africa may seem challenging.

There are many myths surrounding travel in Africa, and safaris in particular are often assumed to be solely for the rich to enjoy. Knowing what to look for, and knowing where to find the best deals is essential to get all the benefits of an affordable safari in Africa - debunking common safari myths and making it possible for anyone to experience the wonders of safari in one of the world's most fascinating and beautiful continents.

The most common myths regarding safaris in Africa include the following:

Myth 1: you need to be rich to experience a safari While obviously there is a huge demand for high-level luxury safaris, these are just one end of the travel spectrum, and with so many different options to choose from just about anyone and everyone can enjoy a safari. One of the most popular ways to find cheap African safari specials is through overlanding companies. Overlanding is fast becoming a hugely accessible and affordable way to travel, allowing travellers to skip on the luxuries and opt for a more 'real' travel experience.

Overland vehicles are used, and guests camp overnight, helping with basic duties such as cooking or chores and staying at simple guest houses where no camping is available. Aside from being one of the cheapest ways to enjoy safaris across Africa's top destinations, from Botswana to Kenya, Namibia, Uganda and many others, this option also offers a memorable and interactive way to travel, making it perfect for cash-strapped students, honeymooners, retired couples or single travellers wanting to travel on a tight budget.

Myth 2: only obscure destinations are possible on a tight budget Some travellers may fear that a lack of budget will result in only being able to visit some of the lesser-known destinations, or that they will not be able to get the 'full' experience or see wildlife without having to spend a lot.

While some tour companies may offer discounted safari packages that are less than rewarding, a good company will be able to offer specials for cheap safari in Africa that allow you to see everything that you want to see, while cutting costs by using camping accommodation and other discounted travel options. This way you can see elephant in Botswana or the Big 5 in South Africa, without having to worry about being able to afford the experience.

Myth 3: Africa is very expensive to visit Sure it may not be quite as cheap as many believe but if you plan ahead and budget carefully Africa is not as expensive as some other destinations. In terms of safaris, staying at campsites or bed and breakfast accommodation, or being on an overland tour for instance, you will save a huge deal on costs, and more often than not, meals are included in overland tours - leaving only the extra costs to consider such as personal items, drinks or gifts.

Plan carefully and choose wisely - tours that offer accommodation outside of game parks are cheaper and basic food is always cheaper while luxuries are obviously more of an added cost. Learn to bargain at markets, and always shop around until you find a cheap African safari tour that offers the most value. Remember that different seasons bring different costs. When planning your dream safari, first work out how much your budget allows you to spend. Then decide the length of your safari - a shorter trip will give you the chance to still enjoy your cheap safari in Africa while keeping costs down. For all Africa Overland tours and information contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com

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