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Is it safe to travel to Egypt?by Dalene Ingham-Brown

If there were ever a time to visit North Africa, it’s now. The bloody riots in Libya and Syria have unfairly scared tourists away from neighbouring countries. Egypt in particular are feeling the pinch in tourism, with foreigners cancelling their holidays to the area because they don’t know that it IS safe to be in the country.

Our overland expert has just gotten back from Egypt: she says her experience was great! She raved about it. She showed us her pictures and dedicated last month’s ‘Overlanding Africa Newsletter’ to the country. Travellers are leaving amazing reviews on travel forums and blogs about their overland trips to Egypt; saying their experience has been peaceful and enjoyable with locals being super friendly. What the majority of people don’t know is that Egypt is as safe to visit as it was a year ago. The lack of tourists has meant bad news for hotels and tour operators in the area, but its ‘Charlie Chaplin heel-clicking’ good news for anyone who wants to go on an overland trip and avoid the streams of tourists that usually pour out of buses and shuffle around tourist attractions.

Take a look at the photos taken while our overlanding expert was over in Egypt a few weeks ago.

Tourist Attraction!
Above: Karnak Temple in Luxor

Above: Street in Cairo

Peaceful Egypt!
Above: Happiness is...

Above: Sinaidahab

Would we offer overland trips to unsafe areas? When we send an overland truck into Egypt, we’re confident it’s going to come back. So turn off BBC and stop painting Egypt with the same tar brush. Not fair.

Keen to book an overland trip to Egypt? Do it.

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