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Huey’s Trip Diary - The ‘Best of Egypt’ - Part 5by Tania Wheeler

One of our intrepid travellers, Huey, travelled on the 'Best of Egypt' 14 day accommodated trip which started on the 5th December 2010 in Cairo, and wrote us a daily diary! Here is the fifth part of her series of diary entries....

Day 8 - Luxor


Valley of the Kings is where we headed today. With 63 tombs discovered & more to go, it's no wonder why the name. The choice of Middle Kingdom Pharaohs onwards to deter grave robbers, they chose this location due to its super hard limestone rock. The choice of 3 tombs to visit is up to what fascinates you - the artwork, painting, carvings which are still intact (Ramses IV for example), Tutankhamen's famously intact tomb (with his mummy still in it) or Tutmosis III's super deep, 135 metre deep tomb - there's something for everyone!

valley of workers

Valley of the Workers (or more like, Artists) is even more impressive as we get to see some truly impressive artwork which the artists/architects that works on the King's tombs produce for their own afterlife home! The artwork & carvings are still very well preserved & shows the life of these artisans during ancient times. You can opt to see a more rustic side of Luxor on donkey or horse back, where it is good fun to see locals & school kids waving hello at you! We also visited the Sunshine Project, a home for children which Oasis Overland sponsors a child.

It was a lot of fun playing with the kids which are abandoned or orphaned, while doing our part to help the centre run better via contributions as well as knowing that by traveling with Oasis, we are indirectly helping local kids to have a better future as well. A truly meaningful trip!

Day 9 - Luxor to Hurghada

We say goodbye to our 10 day trip buddies & make our way to Hurghada, a Red Sea Coast town. After a scenic 5 hour drive through the Eastern Desert, which offered amazing landscapes in the changing light, we arrive at Hurghada where many come for the beaches to spend the night. We enjoyed a more relaxed night with some pizza, beers & game of pool at our hotel lounge. To find our more about overland trips in Egypt and the Middle East contact the OverlandingAfrica.com team or post your comments below.

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