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Huey’s Trip Diary - The ‘Best of Egypt’ - Part 4by Tania Wheeler

One of our intrepid travellers, Huey, travelled on the 'Best of Egypt' 14 day accommodated trip which started on the 5th December 2010 in Cairo, and wrote us a daily diary! Here is the fourth part of her series of diary entries.... felucca

Day 6 - Felucca sailing down the Nile

We begun the next morning bright & early, where a much welcomed breakfast of eggs & bread is served. Imagine our happiness when there was coffee & tea too! After a quick round of clean up, we set sail again where everyone caught up on reading, chats & some trivia as well. Sailing on the Nile without all the modern convenience trappings was interesting to say the least. It offered a good chance to just disconnect from everything & catch up on more traditional things like chit chatting in person & reading books, which are all things we take for granted these days. Even though it can be a bit drawn out, nothing beats waking up on the water, literally!

Day 7 - Off the Felucca, off to Edfu & Luxor

After 2 peaceful days aboard the Felucca, we docked & caught up with our minibus to make our way to Luxor, where many sights await us. En-route to Luxor, we stopped by Edfu to see Temple of Horus . A temple only rediscovered 200 years ago, it is a complex dedicated to the falcon God, Horus. The son of the God, Osiris & Goddess, Isis, he is  very important in ancient Egyptian times as he signifies protection by being the God of the Sky & War. In this temple is also where Horus met his wife, Hathor (Goddess of Music & Art) as depicted by the carving of the Beautiful Meeting.

One of the most intact & well-preserved temple, with some of its original colours still visible, this temple offered many invaluable information about high priest practices & way of life during the ancient Egyptian times to Egyptologists. We finally arrived at historic Luxor, home to Valley of the Kings & some truly amazing temples. The capital for many Pharaohs, this city held tremendous importance during ancient Egyptian rule.


Our first stop was to visit Luxor temple, where many Egyptian rulers from Old to New Kingdom, to Greco-Roman & Arabian rule converge via continuous building across the site. Pharaohs from Ramses II to Tutankhamun to Alexander the Great all left their mark here & with it still being so remarkable despite it being badly ruined only make us wonder how much more grand it was during its heyday.

To find our more about overland trips in Egypt and the Middle East contact the OverlandingAfrica.com team or post your comments below.

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