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How to Plan a Safari in Tanzaniaby Guest Blogger

Tanzania is an incredible country that contains some of the world’s most amazing attractions and an awesome array of nature’s own wonders. Tanzania is where the tallest free standing mountain in the world stands and is the magical land of the great migration. It's the perfect stretch of Africa to explore.

Plan a safari in Tanzania - trust me. Why safari in Tanzania? Tanzania is a pure paradise of wildlife with the Big Five, a beautiful and mystical land steeped in deep African tribal traditions of the Maasai warriors and fused with an influence of strong Arabian culture. Plan the perfect adventure to this magnificent scenic country. An overlanding adventure that includes a visit to Tanzania is the perfect trip for the outdoor enthusiast.

Best Time to Go


Above: Go on a safari in Tanzania at the time which suits what you're going for.

A safari in Tanzania offers visitors the opportunity to witness and experience the great migration, it is an incredible experience and should be on everyone’s bucket list as a must-do before you die. Take into consideration though that high season travel is always more costly than low season, and December holidays happen to fall over an off peak period, but you miss the migration.

Read About Tanzania

Read about where you are going to on your safari in Tanzania, and check out the best routes to get there if you are renting a car, a jeep or a minibus and find out more about the local tribes, culture and traditions. Take an African bird book and wildlife handbooks for useful information about this incredible country and continent.

Dress Casual is Safari

Bring lightweight clothes that can dry quickly. Don’t pack bright colours, take clothes in neutral tones which can’t absorb heat and that will blend with the natural environment around you. Bring a good warm jacket; some areas in Tanzania can get seriously chilly at night and early morning during its winter June through August. Safari in Tanzania is all about taking it easy.

Getting To Tanzania


Above: Self-drive to your safari in Tanzania

Getting to your safari in Tanzania is possible by self-drive overland travel, where you hire a 4x4 and drive there on your own steam, from a neighbouring country. Alternatively, you can get to Tanzania by flying there. Booking flights is easy to do online or through a travel agent. You can also get to Tanzania by hopping on an overland tour that passes through the country. It's really up to you how your personal preferences how to get there. Gaining entry into Tanzania is pretty simple. It simply entails paying the cost of your visa on arrival at the airport. A visitor's travel visa ranges in price between 50 and 100 USD depending on where you are from. You will need to pay the visa costs in order to get into the country and enjoy a real safari in Tanzania.

Be Aware At All Times

Keep your eyes peeled for any wildlife around your accommodation and camp sites where you set up. Do not walk alone to your room or tent after dark, visibility is low and there is safety in numbers. Guides and professional overlanding crew take every precaution to ensure your safety on a Tanzania safari, so listen to their announcements when arriving at a destination.

Learn Swahili

Learning the local language on your Tanzania safari makes communicating with the guides, traders, accommodation staff, border control and the park staff much easier. The effort is always much appreciated. The local people are wonderful, friendly, and warm, taking your greetings in Swahili to heart.

Have the Right Currency


Above: American dollars can be used in urban areas when on your Tanzania safari. Photo by DarrenDean

Tanzania uses two currencies. These are the local shilling and the US Dollar. You are able to trade in both currencies although some tourist centres and parks will accept only the dollar from visitors outside of Tanzania. If you have a currency calculator handy, figure out which currency you should use at the time in order to save what you can.

Market Bartering & Trade

Traders hike the prices for tourists and are prepared to negotiate prices down quite substantially while making good profit. Everyone is an optimist in Tanzania. Negotiation is the key. Bartering is how you are able to get the most out of your money when going to markets throughout Africa. Overlanding Africa will grant the opportunity for barter and trade with locals along the way, a Tanzania safari holiday is no expectation.

Have the Time of Your Life

Having fun and sharing the experience with new people from all over the world is part of what makes overlanding a truly experience. Have the time of your life spending a lengthy period of time on the road (and off road) building new memories together while exploring the wonder of Africa rich in culture and natural beauty, making new friends, living life to the full and taking it all in. Whether you are planning to see the famous great migration or spend your summer vacation in Tanzania, adding the overland travel experience will ensure more than simply a memorable experience, but an unforgettable one. Contact Overlanding Africa for advice and assistance in planning your overlanding trip combining it with the magic of an accommodated or camping safari in Africa and experience the great migration. Article written by Jacqueline Freer

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