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Food ideas for camping in Africa: Braai the perfect steakby Dalene Ingham-Brown

You're out travelling in some forgotten part of Africa when you come across a farmer's butchery. Your food ideas for camping in Africa weren't well thought out at all. You're now so sick of eating all that canned food you packed and your craving for a juicy steak kicks in faster than a three-year-old can eat a crayon.


The three most important things you're going to need in order for this brilliant food idea for camping to prove successful:


1.  Campfire 2.  300g Steak 3.  Marinade, salt, pepper 2.  Grid 3.  Thick stick for stoking


Step 1: The fire

Firstly you'll want to make a campfire. If you've been camping in Africa for a while, this shouldn't be a problem. Once your fire is lit, you're going to want to let that bad-boy burn for about an hour before it's ready to introduce your prime cut to.

Step 2: The meat

Now it's time to treat your steak to a little TLC.  Stock up on condiments when at the butchery. Grab a bottle of Oom Pietie's marinade and grab some salt and pepper if you don't have any. Rub salt and pepper on the steak and throw the steak into a Ziploc bag of marinade before placing it in a cooler bag for an hour.

Step 3: The grid

Next, get your grid ready. Some people buy the fancy braai grids that have legs so you can stand it in the fire. A flat grid works brilliantly too. Just gather a few sturdy rocks and build up low pillars or a frame that you can balance your grid on. It seems a little rustic, because it is.  Goodness, I'd pull a broken wire fence off a rubbish heap if it meant steak for dinner! Grid sorted.

Step 4: The stoking

When your fire is ready, even out the coals by stoking them. Place your grid on your stable frame setup and leave it there to heat up for 15 minutes.

Step 5: Braai the perfect steak

Your fire and steak have been chilling for the past hour and it's now show-time. Slap your steak on the grid for 5 - 7 minutes, depending on how thick Pietie cut them. Then flip the steak and allow to sizzle for another 4 - 6 minutes. Finally turn the seat once more for its last 2 minutes before removing from the fire.

Step 6: Realisation

Realise that you just managed to braai the perfect steak, and repeat process to make more. Now that you've unlocked the secret to cooking the perfect steak, camping in Africa need never be beef-free again! I'm sure you'll agree, steak is one of the best food ideas for camping in Africa.

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