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Egypt - More Than Mummies and Pyramidsby Tania Wheeler

Step Pyramid Djoser

So you are heading off to Egypt and your itinerary covers all the main highlights this amazing country offers.  Now what? There is much more to this vibrant place than the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings!

Here are few ideas to keep you occupied:

Beaches Whether you make your destination the Gulf of Suez, near Cairo, or the more well known Red Sea, you’ll find balmy weather and everything from backpacker hotels to exclusive resorts. Warm, clear water, vibrantly colored fish, diving, snorkeling, wind surfing and relaxing. Fishing From Tilapia to big Catfish to Nile perch, you can find the catch of a lifetime in Egypt.

Lake Nassar, the largest man-made lake in Egypt, stretches over 300 miles and promises a great catch for even the most inexperienced angler.

Scuba Diving Diving is a year round sport in Egypt and there are many under water treasures to explore. Beginner or novice divers should stick to Dahab and Sharm el-Sheik where both equipment and instruction can be found.

Desert Safaris These guided tours will take you to the Egyptian oases and to the great temples of the ancient gods and the tombs of kings. You can see breathtaking vistas and learn more about Egypt than you could ever do from a book, as guides take you through the other less-well-known pyramids and the famous Black Desert.

Golfing Dream Golf is a course located on the outskirts of Cairo. The 7200 yard course, covered in well-tended grass, is one of the largest in Egypt.

Shopping Khan e-Khalili bazaar in Cairo is Egypt’s oldest market. Goods from all over the world come to the Khan, and you can find everything in jewelry, leather, pewter, wood and clothing that you can imagine. If you are skilled in haggling, you can come away with terrific bargains!

For trips covering Egypt and the Middle East contact OverlandingAfrica.com or make your comments below.

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