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Donate your hair and fingernails to STOP rhino poaching!by Dalene Ingham-Brown

Now these are our kind of people. This group of fellas got together and realised that thinking inside the box is the perfect way to protest against rhino poaching! So what did they do? They hit the streets armed with a pair of scissors and nail clippers and collected the fingernails and hair samples of those who were keen to support their mission. Their mission? To post a box of keratin in the form of hair and fingernails to the Chinese embassy in protest of the huge rhino horn market in the country.

We’ve (Overlanding Africa) donated our resources to raise awareness about the tragedy of rhino poaching, we’re donated our enthusiasm to participating in the march for rhino rights, and we’re willing to do anything that may impact positively to putting a stop to rhino poaching. So if these guys want to come and clip our hair and fingernails (The Overlanding Africa Team’s), they’re more than welcome! We’ve stopped our personal grooming practices and are all taking Bob Martin just for you. Check out this awesome, fun video on how these guys plan to put a stop to poaching rhinos for their horn... and how they got the attention of South African celebrities to support the cause too. Brilliant!

Because this video has inspired the Overlanding Africa Team so much, we’ve come up with a list of possible donors for hair and fingernails which these dudes may want to follow up on.

Possible Donors:

1. Kids who scratch other kids


Photo source: John Evans


2. People who run their nails down a chalkboard

blackboard Photo source: Piotr Lewandowski

3. Cats (they often donate hair balls)


Photo source: Jm Cannie

4. Justin Bieber:


Photo source: Celeb Fan Pics


5. This guy:


Photo source: India Study Channel


6. And this Rapunzel lady:


Photo source: World Must Be Crazy

P.S: Justin Bieber’s hair: take it all. Please.

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