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Discover Africa With These Fantastic Budget African Safarisby Tania Wheeler

Africa Budget Safaris

If you have been considering Africa budget safaris, and have been dreaming of discovering some of the most beautiful and wild destinations across the continent, then why not consider one of these ‘off the beaten track’ destinations for an affordable safari experience that is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime.

While many visitors flock to safari in some of the more well-known regions of Africa, many miss out on the  attractions and highlights of some of the less obvious destinations that still offer a full safaris experience complete with wildlife, culture, views and more, at affordable rates to ensure that you don’t break the bank. Some of the most rewarding destinations for budget African safaris include the following:

Madagascar The island of Madagascar lies off the coast of Africa, and is most famous for its extremely rare and exotic wildlife and lush rain forests, not to mention its tropical beaches and fascinating culture. This is one of the best Africa budget safaris for those who love to explore uncharted islands and discover a wealth of incredible and awe-inspiring plants, birds and creatures – including a huge number of lemurs, which can be found throughout the island. Friendly locals, local delicacies including chocolate (which is one of the country’s chief exports in the form of cocoa beans) and seafood, and some of the most spectacular reserves imaginable are just some of the things to look forward to on a safari in Madagascar.

Tanzania Situated in between Malawi and Kenya, Tanzania is a vast country that spans across rich game regions, including the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater (which is a lush crater teeming with wildlife), Serengeti National Park and other reserves, to the beautiful beaches and marine reserves, and finally, Zanzibar Island – one of the world’s most beautiful tropical islands. This is one of the ultimate budget African safaris for an all-round experience of beach and bush, making it an excellent overland option.

Uganda Despite its troubled political history, Uganda remains one of the most beautiful destinations in Africa. Endless expanses of lush tropical vegetation and forests can be found across the mountainous regions of this country, which is where you can find one of the world’s most endangered animals – the Mountain Gorilla. At high risk from poachers, especially in war zones, these gorillas are protected in many areas, and travellers on safari in Uganda have the rare chance to view these giants up close and learn more about the species and other wildlife in Uganda’s rain forests.

Egypt You may not instantly think of Egypt when it comes to Africa budget safaris, but this country is so much more than pyramids and desert. Safaris in Egypt offer a rich and diverse blend of culture, history, landscapes and cuisine – resulting in a safari experience that is quite out of this world. Situated in Northern Africa, Egypt has a strong Arabic influence, offering an ancient civilisation that is sure to allure even the most jaded of travellers as you explore the Pyramids, markets and other attractions of this fascinating destination.

Morocco For a taste of Middle Eastern romance, it doesn’t get more enticing than Morocco and its famous capital city Casablanca, immortalised in the classic film of the same name. Also situated in North Africa, Morocco has a strong Arabic-French culture, with beautiful mountainous regions and savannas, stretches of desert and incredible architecture, cobbled streets and many other highlights to explore on these memorable budget African safaris in Morocco.

For further information about Africa Budget Safaris contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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