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Camping tricksby Dalene Ingham-Brown

Camping tricks are absolutely golden when you're out camping and find yourself trying to solve a seemingly impossible problem. Where there is a will, there is a way, and with these few camping tricks, we take your will, and show you the way.

Top 3 Camping Tricks

Camping trick #1: Make your own hammock

You've just arrived in a peaceful spot on your camping tour in an area surrounded by trees. You want to lie back and relax... outside your tent. But how? You didn't bring a hammock! Or did you? A brilliant hammock can easily be fashioned out of a sturdy sheet and some rope. No, we don't suggest you getting all Bear Grylls on us and trying to tie your own shady knots. Watch the short video below and learn the simplest way to get a hammock up in no time. It's one of those highly rewarding camping tricks. Just make sure that your sheet isn't decades old and hasn't been bleached several thousand times, otherwise your butt will tear through that sheet faster than you can throw a peanut at a squirrel.

Check out one of the best camping tricks for making your own hammock:

Camping trick #2: Heat liquid in a plastic bottle

The last time you threw plastic in the fire you were 7 years old and about to learn a very important lesson about  how to violate one's nostrils and impair all fellow camper's vision. Lesson learned. If you fancy a spot of tea but don't want to get the pots out, or forgot to bring a pot at all, then it's time to throw the rule book out the window with this great camping tip. This plastic-in-the-fire camping trick is brilliant and makes for nothing but happy campers... because they'll have tea.

Watch one of the coolest camping tricks - how to heat up liquid in a plastic bottle on the fire:


Camping trick #3: Light a fire in the rain

It's raining and those dirty-great-big splotches of moisture have just ruined all your chances of starting a fire this evening... or has it? *Awesome camping tip alert* This neat camping trick comes to the rescue with nothing but a ball of cotton wool soaked in petrol and a stick of firesteel (or matches). Now all you've got to worry about is getting a volunteer to use the fire steel after they've just been handling petrol. Safety camping tip: use latex gloves for the handling of the cotton ball. The Practical Survivor stresses how important it is to be able to start a fire quickly in cold weather "Cold rain and wind can quickly turn a nice hiking afternoon into a life-threatening situation. That's why fast lighting tinder is so important."

Scope out one of the most useful camping tricks showing you how to use cotton wool to start a fire:

As the scout specialists at Scouting in Canada say "As with most things in life, the most rewarding experience is the one that takes the most effort. If it were easy, then the personal reward and satisfaction that a camp out gives would not be the same". So when you set out on a camping adventure, make sure you've got these great camping tricks up your sleeve, and remember, where there is a will, there is a way...

Information Resources:
Practical Survivor
Scouting in Canada


Above: One of the best camping tricks to help start a fire

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