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Budget African Safaris - You Can Safari Africa on a Budget!by Tania Wheeler

For many travellers the idea of a budget safari in Africa seems like a distant dream rather than an achievable reality, with many assuming that an Africa safari is purely for the lucky few who an afford this experience. With a bit of insight into finding the best deals however, anyone can afford to enjoy a memorable Africa safari experience across Africa’s top safari destinations, from Botswana to Namibia, Kenya, South Africa and many other popular regions.

Some of the most common myths surrounding African budget safaris include these following misconceptions:

Only the rich can afford to enjoy safaris in Africa One of the biggest myths about safaris in Africa is that only the rich can afford to try this experience. While high-end luxury safaris abound, this is only one end of the travel spectrum however, and there are a myriad of safari options to suit all tastes and budgets. Travellers have the option to try overlanding tours, which offer a fun and highly affordable way to see Africa – travelling on an overland truck with like-minded travellers, setting up camp along the way at various game-rich destinations across Africa. This type of budget safari in Africa is one of the most affordable ways to travel, and also ensures a memorable and exciting trip that gives you a chance to see all the beautiful sights of Africa’s top safari locations without breaking the bank. An Africa safari to suit your pocket!

Budget safaris are limiting and don’t offer as much as luxury safaris Another common myth is that African budget safaris are limiting, without giving you as many options that a luxury safari may offer. In reality, budget safaris give you every bit of flexibility as any other tour and Africa safari, especially ones that have been tailor-made to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. Every top destination in Africa is on offer for budget safaris, from the highly sought-after waterways of the Okavango Delta in Botswana to the towering dunes of Namibia. Using more simple accommodation and travelling in overland trucks, you will be able to save where it counts, without having to scrimp on the adventure itself.

The game viewing and other attractions on budget safaris are sub-standard Yet another myth, the truth is that budget safaris offer excellent game viewing, activities and attractions. Often, you may have the chance to experience even more thrills, such as camping just outside a major game park, where you will be as close to the action as it gets – something that the luxury tours can’t always ensure on an Africa safari.

Budget safaris are difficult to find, especially in today’s touch economic climate With the right travel specialist and a bit of know-how, just about anyone can find their ideal budget safari in Africa. A simple Google search for something such as ‘African budget safaris’ will bring up a range of sites providing safari specials – providing you with plenty of options to choose from. Alternatively, speaking to an African safari specialist will also help you find the best deals to suit your budget.

Budget safaris are best suited to students or young travellers Yet another common misconception, many believe that budget safaris and overlanding tours are geared towards students or the younger generation. While it is true that many young people do enjoy overlanding and affordable safaris, many older travellers have also enjoyed the numerous benefits that African budget safaris provide, making it the perfect option for travellers of all ages.

For all budget African safari trips and information contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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