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Brilliant Photos Taken on Photographic Tripsby Dalene Ingham-Brown

The world is your oyster. If launching yourself over an angry waterfall is what floats your canoe, then by all means paddle on! If climbing 70 feet above ground-level on a sheer cliff face is your idea of a good time, then climb away! Whatever crazy-ass adventure you decide to go on, just remember one thing. Pack a camera! Each destination has its very own unique appeal, and therefore has the opportunity to transform itself into one of those photographic trips. National Geographic has an 'Extreme Photo of the Week' section on their website, and the submissions are so great, they make that big wall in China look like a Japanese room divider.

10 Extreme Photos from Photographic Trips:

(Thanks National Geographic!)

Photographic_trips (9)

Above photo: Paragliding Bazaruto Island, Mozambique - Photograph by Jody MacDonald

Photographic_trips (7)

Above photo: Biking on Table Mountain, South Africa - Photograph by Nick Muzik

Photographic_trips (6)

Above photo: Big-Wave Surfing Jaws, Maui, Hawaii - Photograph by Zak Noyle

Photographic_trips (5)

Above photo: Climbing Idiot Wind, San Rafael Swell, Utah - Photograph by Tobias Macphee

Photographic_trips (4) A

bove photo: Kayaking Toketee Falls, Oregon - Photograph by Charlie Munsey

Photographic_trips (2)

Above photo: Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge - Photograph by Monica Dalmasso

Photographic_trips (3)

Above photo: BASE Jumping Utah's Ancient Art - Screen capture by Keith Ladzinski

Photographic_trips (8)

Above photo: Highlining in Koh Yao Noi, Phuket, Thailand - Photograph by Scott Rogers

Photographic_trips (10)

Above photo: Backcountry Skiing Sugar Bowl, California - Photograph by Grant Gunderson

Photographic_trips (1)

Above photo: Freeriding Whistler Mountain Bike Park, British Columbia, Canada - Photograph by Robin O'Neill


Just because you've got a camera and a buddy that's up for anything doesn't mean you should book the very last airline tickets you'll ever book for him, and go off trying to capture an insane shot like these photographers have. Rather start small. Start with taking photos at family events, then move on to photographic trips to Africa and one day you'll be ready to tackle higher, riskier, scarier terrain...

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