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Best Festivals in Africa - A Pictorial Journeyby Dalene Ingham-Brown

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Even with 220,000 words in the dictionary, nothing can quite say it like a photograph. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so I'm going to let the pictures do the talking.

Wacky Wine Weekend - Robertson - June
Wacky Wine Weekend
Wacky Wine Weekend 4
Wacky Wine Weekend3
Wacky Wine Weekend 2

Lake of the Stars Festival - Malawi - October
Lake of the Stars3
Lake of the Stars2
Lake of the Stars1

Sun Festival of King Ramses II - Egypt - February and October
Sun Festival of King Ramses II _ by Cofiem
Photo by Cofiem

Sun Festival of King Ramses II 4 _ by Pjen
Photo by Pjen

Sun Festival of King Ramses II 5_ by YeOldeCurmudgeon
Photo by YeOldeCurmudgeon

Sun Festival of King Ramses II 2_ by Cofiem
Photo by Cofiem

Festival of the Desert - Mali - January
festival of the desert4
festival of the desert3
festival of the desert2
Festival of the Desert1

Up the Creek - Swellendam - February
Up the Creek4
Up the Creek3
Up the Creek2
Up the Creek1

The only thing that manages to say it better than a picture is experiencing it for yourself.

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