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Africa Overland Trucksby Tania Wheeler

Safari cruiser, game viewing vehicle, bus, expedition vehicle - call it whatever you like but I advise you to call it a overland truck! And so help you if you call it anything different!

Your average Africa Overland Truck might look like this or it might be a different color. Some are a bit smaller and some are smaller still.

But the purpose is the same - to get you out, over and through the diverse and fascinating terrain that Africa will throw at you. Fully kitted, these trucks are ready for pretty much anything and carry almost everything you can imagine and definitely everything you will need. Does your truck add to your African overland experience?

Sure!  You may find yourself getting quite possessive of it and you ought to know that when you start comparing your truck to the other Overland trucks you will meet, and boasting about how much better yours is, you will truly be an Africa overland convert! Check out Africa overland tours and Africa overland trucks or post your comments below. 

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