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What’s a Chilly Bin Surfer?

10 bucks says you don’t know what a chilly bin surfer is… no?…  stick around and find out all sorts of interesting (and some not so interesting) things about Overlanding old and new.

‘Back in the day’ before Overlanding became a regulated, insured and safer way of travelling, when itineraries were pure take-your-chance-that-the-road-still-exists, before campsites had hot water, when GPS and cell phone reception was just a dream and Crew only owned 3 changes of clothes (none of them pretty) – chilly bin surfing was an interesting way to pass some long drive days in the back of the truck.

In a nutshell: stand on the top of the chilly bin/cooler box/beer cooler/Esky/thing you put your drinks & ice in and ’surf’ for as long as you can while the truck drives over usually rough roads.

So, now you know.

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*Chilly Bin: Cooler box, Esky, cold box… what ever you call it, it is the insulated box you put your drinks in and take away with you on holiday.
* Surfer: Folks who stand on a plank of something and ride ocean waves or sand or anything that gets the heart pumping and lets them be at peace with the whole ’surfer-dude lifestyle’.