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A young elephant’s last encounter…by Guest Blogger

It is a true story that even the guides confirmed not experienced before.
It was early morning in Chobe National Park and we were driving out when passed by ar lioness following a 6 or 7 months baby elephant which was abandoned by the herd due to any disease or maybe an orphan elephant... she was walking very slowly, step by step and whit in 5 seconds she was right on top of her prey, going directly into its troat, and using the most common way to kill by holding very tight to sufocate. The poor elephant was screaming non stop and after few minutes maybe 7 to 11 minutes we could see his trunk moving, so he was still alive. From the moment she jumpped on him, we could see another 6 lions coming from everywhere, but no one touched till she completes the job. After that they all join the feast.
It was for sure a very sad situation, but there was nothing we could do, but just wacth.
It was an early morning in Chobe National Park and we were on our way out of the park. We passed a lioness. She was following a six or seven month old baby elephant. The ellie had either been abandoned by its herd (due to some disease) or it was an orphan elephant. Lioness following her prey

Above:  The lioness paying close attention to the baby elephant

Baby elephant walking

Above: The baby elephant spots the lioness and begins to run away

Step by step, the lioness approached the baby elephant very slowly. Within 5 seconds the lioness was right on top of the baby elephant. Using the most common way a lioness knows to kill, she went directly for the elephant's throat, gripping it tightly to suffocate the elephant.

Five seconds later

Above: The lioness tightly grips the baby elephant's throat

The elephant was screaming non-stop and after a few minutes, we could see its trunk moving. It was still alive. From the moment the lioness jumped on it, we saw another six lions approach from all angles, but none of them touched the elephant until she finished the job. After that, all the other lions joined the feast.

Another lioness came to help

Above: Another lioness approaches the scene

The other lions joining the feast

Above: The other lions join the feast

It was such a sad situation, but there was nothing we could do, except watch. This is nature. This is Africa.

Article by Luiz Carlos

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