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Five of our favourite Facebook community comments for 2013by Asanda Mcoyana

It has been a tough and fun year full of Overlanding. Here are some of the comments from our Facebook community which we think stood out in 2013.

1. Nothing comes close to a mother's love

On 14 August 2013 we asked our Facebook community to caption this picture.

Comment 2 - Pic 2

Mother hyena bonding with her kids. Image by Andrew Schoeman Photography

• Caption1 by Dirk Theron “Here, smell my breath, I did not have wildebeast for dinner...”
• Caption 2 by Hans Vos “Something definitely died in there!!!”

2. Get well Tata!

To show support for uTata Nelson Mandela during his time in hospital, we posted this picture on 20 June 2013 and Tieho Lemphane commented with “It’s my prayer this morning that he gets better! We love you Madiba!”

Comment 3 - Pic 3

Nelson Mandela

3. A sand grabbing crab.

Another favourite from our Facebook community was when Nomad African Trust added this caption: "I’m leaving you Harold!! and I am taking the furniture with me!" to this picture.

Comment 4 - Pic 4

A crab keeping busy, collecting sand. Image by Andrew Schoeman

4. Life's an adventure

And most recently on 26 November 2013 we asked Overlanders out there to share with us the most daring thing they’d ever done while Overlanding around Africa? James Green said it was skydiving in Swakopmund and 60-year old Jojo Ellensohn shared that for his 60th birthday present to himself he “jumped out of a perfectly sound plane in Swakopmund with a strange man & a parachute strapped to my back - I was co-eldest person on that overland and doubt I will ever forget my travelling companions' collective facial expressions - after the event!”

Comment 5 - Pic 5

An adventure inspiring quote by Hellen Keller

5. Baby ellies trying on some rugby moves

On 23 June we said "Pile on!" to these little ellies to which Henna Briers Botha commented, "k soos n los skrum!? of iets in rugby."  Well, we couln't have agreed more.smiley

Little elephants playing around by piling on each other. Image by Africa, this is why I live here

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