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5 Tips for the Perfect Africa Family Safariby Tania Wheeler

Africa Family Safari

Parents planning the holiday of a lifetime may struggle to decide where to go and what to do - consider an Africa family safari - one of the most popular and worthwhile holiday options by far. Blending all the benefits of an enriching experience in Africa’s leading game reserves and natural landscapes with education, cultural interaction and of course, plenty of fun, family holidays in Africa have it all, ensuring a memorable experience for the whole family – from the youngest member to the oldest. When planning your dream safari with the family, consider these expert tips from Africa travel specialists:

Plan ahead – right down to the very last detail As any parent knows, when it comes to travel with small children, preparation is essential. This is why planning your Africa family safari is the most important step of all. This means that every last detail, from passports and visas, all the way through to connecting flights, transfers, overland agency bookings, vaccinations, packing, activity planning and any other thing that you may need to bear in mind for the safari needs to be planned beforehand, so that you are free to enjoy the trip without the worry of missing a crucial step. Children need to be kept busy, without unnecessary delays or issues with lost papers, missed flights or other travel dramas thrown into the works.

Choose a shorter safari to get the most from the trip While you may be dreaming of a month long safari in the deepest darkest depths of Namibia, Kenya or Mozambique, realistically speaking, children generally fare better on shorter, more rewarding trips. Unlike adults, who crave the peace and quiet that safaris in the bush offer, children need to be kept busy and entertained at all times. This means ensuring plenty to do each day – something that can get challenging when you are on day 21 in the remote wilderness of Africa.

Consider your activities carefully Make the most from your family holidays in Africa with activities that aim to entertain, educate and enrich. This means choosing things that your children can benefit from, rather than things that purely keep them out of your hair for a few hours. Plan fun activities such as game drives (keeping safety in mind at all times, and following your guide’s advice on age limits), bird watching, horse trails, visits to cultural villages, nature walks, hikes, fishing, snorkeling (again, keeping safety in mind – only strong swimmers should be allowed to snorkel), visits to nature and game reserves and environmental organizations and other landmarks to teach your children about the countries you visit.

Choose the best season and destination for your safari The best season for all safari experiences depends on what you are aiming to enjoy – game viewing is generally best in the dry season, however this is also the hottest season. Birding is often best during the wet season, which also means heavy rains. Speak to your travel guide to learn more about which season will suit your needs, and which destination offers the most for what you would like to see on your Africa family safari – game, culture, fun or education.

Make sure the safari is fun for the whole family At the end of the day, this holiday is meant to be fun for the whole family – from the little ones who are able to enjoy some activities, but not the game drives and other options that are best for older children, to teenagers who may not be thrilled at the idea of spending time with the parents. Speak to your travel adviser to learn more about child-friendly family holidays in Africa.

For Family Overland Safaris and family trips in Africa speak to the Team at OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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