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5 more things to jam into your overlanding backpackby Tamzyn

Overlanding is a cheap, easy and fast way to travel and your overlanding backpack should be as well. You can cram your specially designed everything-resistant backpack with all your earthly belongings and spend hours of your overlanding tour packing and repacking or you can be clever. Half the experience of travelling is ‘roughing it’ and seeing what you can go without, so you should go for a light easy to carry rucksack packed only with what you need.

How to pack for overlanding Africa

Here are my top 5 backpack items on an Overlanding Tour; along with the ten backpacking essentials we've already covered.

Diary and pen: Keeping a travel journal is a fantastic way to keep track of your Overlanding travels. Journaling is an expressive, easy an exciting way to immortalize the memories of your African adventure.  Plus when your memory starts to get a bit hazy you can always relive you’re treasured experiences by reading through your journal.

Snazzy sun hat: A proper hat to protect you from the harsh African suns rays is a definite must on an Overlanding tour.  Take it from me, blistering skin is no fun and lobster is not an attractive shade on anyone.

Comfy walking shoes: You will be doing plenty of walking out in the bush and around the towns on your Overlanding expedition. A sturdy pair of broken in walking or hiking shoes is essential and will let you explore all that Africa whilst still being comfortable.

Refillable water bottles: If you are looking to save some cash on your Overlanding tour carry along some refillable water bottles. You can fill up at taps along the way and it’s a handy trick to quenching your thirst without always having to buy bottled water (read: more money for beer).

Long top/raincoat: You are sure to hit a few rainstorms and chilly evenings as you overland your way through Africa.  A raincoat doesn’t take up much space and it’s plenty to keep you dry and warm.

Think Light, Travel Light In my experience even if you do pack light, you will probably still have more than you will ever use. And anything you have forgotten can be picked up along the way. Although this is Africa we do have shops! For backpacking, travelling and overlanding advice chat to one of our Overlanding Africa experts or check out our tour page to book your Overlanding Africa adventure. Keep Discovering.

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