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5 Adventures for seniors to enjoy in Africaby Guest Blogger

Africa is a place of deep mystery with much to be explored and discovered. No matter your age, there are countless wonders to excite you and adventures to be had. You may not have it in you to go quad-biking through the sandy dunes of Namibia or diving head-first from Victoria Falls, but you can certainly still experience the many thrills of this deep, exotic land.

1. Explore South Africa

Zebra in South Africa game reserve

Zebra roaming in a South African national park

South Africa is a popular destination for a good reason. It’s unique in its beauty and the diversity of wildlife species, as well as plant and city life. Experience both wildlife and culture, magnificently crafted artworks, spicy cuisine and friendly locals in this eclectic southern-most country in Africa.

Why not take a tour of the Best of South Africa with a group of like-minded people. The tour caters for everyone from ages 16 to 101, and you can expect an adventure of a lifetime. For 18 blissful days, you will have access to an eyeful of scenery and game, as well as some of the world’s largest mammals.

Explore the gold mining town, Pilgrim's Rest in Johannesburg, spot sleek, black rhino in the Mkuze Game Reserve, take a horse ride in the Drakensberg and sit astride an elephant in the Tsitsikamma Forest.

2. Discover the Island of Malta

Israel is a striking place, and the Island of Malta is a definite highlight of any trip to the country. This big island in the middle of the Mediterranean, is the largest in its archipelago and is often spoken of as a huge, outdoor museum. With golden architecture against the cerulean of the seas, you can delve into the elusive history of St. Paul or the Knights of St. John. Explore the wonders of Israel; including the Acropolis Museum and Old City of Jerusalem.

3. Canoe through the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Detla in Bostswana

A stretch of Botswana's thriving Okavango Delta

How does Botswana sound? Why not venture off on an adventurous water safari through the Okavango Delta's incredible wetland waterways, filled with ample bird and wildlife. Drifting along in a dug-out canoe while spotting elephants, rhinos and lions is an unparalleled thrill for any individual. Opt to explore a bit of the Okavango Delta's wilderness on foot too. This will allow for picnics, calmer observation and steadier photographs!

4. Venture into the Pyramids

If you have a keen interest in archaeology, with a love for ancient constructions and gaining knowledge, touring Egypt is the perfect choice. Visit the wonders of the pyramids and sphinx, enjoy the stunning view by camel-back. You can even have a guided tour inside to view the unique, millennia-old art leading the dead to the afterlife and the slope of towering limestone. Afterwards, you can visit the Egyptian Museum, filled with the priceless, irreplaceable treasures of the tombs. Get lost in the many corridors, and grace Tutankhamun's room to see the golden death mask of King Tut as well as his sarcophagi.

5. Root out Lemurs in Madagascar

There is a lifetime of adventure to be had in Madagascar, including scuba diving, 4x4 safaris, whale watching, kayaking and riding on horseback. For a truly unforgettable experience, however, make a stop at Ranomafana National Park. It’s the finest place in the world to observe various species of lemur in their natural habitat, along with scores of gorgeous birds and exotic lizards.

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