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10 Reasons to visit South Africaby Guest Blogger

South Africa is the cornucopia of thrill for any traveller, with many incredible and unique hotspots like Table Mountain, the Kruger National Park and Robben Island. It’s a premier holiday destination for students, families, extreme sports-people and thrill-seekers alike, offering an array of attractions, scenic beauty and the opportunity to learn more about a country that is diverse and culturally rich.

Scenic South Africa

Scenic South Africa with its thriving vegetation and blue coastline

1. Modern amenities and conveniences

Compared with the rest of the continent, South Africa is one of the most modern countries. Its infrastructure is well-developed with comfortable amenities including theme parks, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment, resorts and sports stadiums.

2. Culture, scenery and wildlife

Zulu people of KwaZulu Natal

A Zulu mother and child

While everyday comforts are close at hand, there’s also a healthy dose of culture to experience around every corner. From Shakaland and Zulu villages in KwaZulu Natal to the famed Garden Route in the Eastern and Western Cape, plus there's Cape Town's Robben Island Museum where you’re bound to make amazing memories and learn more about this beautiful country.

3. It’s affordable

Foreign currencies will get you far in South Africa, thanks to the general weakness of the Rand. The British Pound goes the furthest, with the Euro and US Dollar not far behind. When you consider that this means cheaper meals, cheaper accommodation and cheaper flights, you’ve got a recipe for a fantastic holiday, spent in style!

4. Universal languages are spoken

Language barriers aren't much of an issue in South Africa, as most of the population can speak English. You’ll be able to understand what your safari guide is teaching you, and read menus easily. However, you’ll still be treated to the distinctly South African Xhosa and Afrikaans languages (amongst 11 other official languages) that abound in various parts of the country.

5. Amazing biodiversity

Crouching cheetah

A crouching cheetah in Kruger National Park

The breathtaking Kruger National Park is only one example of fantastic wilderness that allows you to get closer to local flora and fauna, as well as some of Africa’s most famous mammals. The country only takes up 1% of the surface of the earth, yet it contains 6% of the planet's mammals and reptile species and 10% of the overall species of flora, birds and sea life.

6. Cape Town

The city of Cape Town is a popular destination for visitors from all over the globe. Bursting with entertainment, African culture, art and natural beauty, this city alone is a fantastic reason to choose South Africa.

With cerulean harbours facing the Atlantic, lined with shops and towered over by the formidable, one-of-a-kind Table Mountain, the Mother City is a must-see for any traveller.

7. World-class winelands

Wining and dining in Cape Town

World-class wine in South Africa

Dating back to the 1600's, the vineyards in the Cape lured in connoisseurs with some of the world's richest wines. Constantia Valley is particularly sought after, as the oldest wine region with the finest examples of oenology. It’s won many international awards, and was named "New World Winery of 2006" by The Wine Enthusiast magazine.

8. Rich history

Home to Nelson Mandela and legendary authors like André P. Brink, as well as the Cape of Good Hope, you can roam the streets of a budding democracy, tour Robben Island with former inmates, explore the bases for sailors from 1488 and frequent any of the numerous museums and exhibitions that showcase South Africa's rich history.

9. Great climate

With an average of more than 300 warm days a year in many areas, South Africa is a very sunny place. The climate is Mediterranean, meaning the winters are relatively mild and the summers nice and warm.

10. Long stretches of coastline

Everybody loves South Africa’s golden beaches. From the white shores of Camps Bay and Clifton to Coffee Bay on the Wild Coast, you'll be treated to deep, blue waters, trendy restaurants, water-sport and hiking opportunities and hot, summery days in the sun.

With all these reasons and more to stop into the southern-most country in Africa, it might be time to start planning your trip!

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