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10 Reasons to Love Africa - Photo Blogby Dalene Ingham-Brown

They say a picture paints a thousands words. They're right. With those words comes a swarm of enlightenment, inspiration and emotion: if the subject is on the other side of an experienced shutter jockey. Check out these brilliantly illustrated 10 reasons to love Africa in this photo blog. Hats off to the photographers who manage to capture a true slice of magnificence.

1. Wildlife

Africa is home to a horde of amazing wildlife which manage to nuzzle their way into our hearts and intrigue our minds. A land simply crawling with a unique set of wild creatures which include Africa's Big 5: lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant.



Above photo by dogansoysal

2. Culture

Stretches of Africa are still very much alive with traditional cultures which go about their daily lives without modern technology. Ipod? GPS? Huh? The bushmen of the Masai Mara still go out and hunt for wildlife traditionally and have their woman making jewellery and babies. Experiencing a day with such a tribe offers an eye opening experience.


Above photo by phototheo

3. Bird Life

With destinations like the lush Okavango Delta in Botswana, flocks of birds call Africa home. Bright, quick, beautiful, swooping, twittering and curious - a variety awaits your binoculars in Africa.


Above photo by dogansoysal

4. Beaches

Zanzibar, South Africa, Mozambique... The list goes on! Africa boasts absolutely gorgeous sandy beaches with the hue of the sea forever changing as you journey along the coastline. The ultimate in relaxation and fun means picking a seaside destination to sip your cocktail in.


Above photo by Sabinevangastel

5. Cuisine

More delicious than an image of Brad Pitt wearing nothing but a smile, African cuisine is to die for! Potjie kos is a traditional African stew which takes hours to prepare. All the more time for socialising around a camp fire and sipping on a cold one.


Above photo by MikeRaats

6. Sunsets

My oh my. Africa's sunsets are something to write home about. There is nothing more peaceful than sitting silently as the big ball of fire in the sky retires for the day, sinking behind the horizon. If ever you wish to feel as though time is standing still, let yourself be mesmerised by one of the best things about Africa: its sunset.


Above photo by dogansoysal

7. Adventure

Grab your zest for life and get out there! With countless opportunities to scream with glee and feel your heart bouncing around in your rib cage, Africa's got adventure!


Above photo by leighd

8. Landscapes

Never-ending vista's of natural beauty, dotted with flora, fauna and the promise of one of those gorgeous sunsets we were talking about earlier.


Above photo by underdogg101

9. History

With destinations like Egypt, Africa can safely boast of its historical greatness. The pyramids? An architectural phenomenon of years gone by.


Above photo by cienki777

10. Festivals

With the perfect fusion of amazing destinations and fascinating people, festivals emerge. Africa's population love to go big and provide an opportunity to connect, dance, share and eat.


Above photo by Festival au Desert

Explore Africa. With so many reasons why you should, can you think of one really good reason why you shouldn't book a budget overland trip to enjoy them?

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