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10 Funny Road Signsby Dalene Ingham-Brown

You've gotta love it when people actually spend money on putting up signs that tickle our sense of humour. Check out these funny signs:

Drunk People Crossing Sign
Above: 'Beware, university residence nearby.'

Wheelchair Unfriendly Sign
Above: Nature's 'meals on wheels'.

Potholes for 9600km Sign
Above: What are the chances of coming across a petrol station half way?

Don't make animals sick sign
Above: Don't be selfish people, think about the animals. Geez.

Go Ahead Drink And Drive Sign
Above: Tax payers' money well spent.

Thank you for noticing this notice sign
Above: How to waste tax payers' money 101.

Moose Crash Sign
Above: This moose will mess up your car with its soul-less stare. Beware. Be very very aware.

Hikers? Sign
Above: Hikers are a different breed I tell you.

Sand! Sign
Above: Beware of the Sand! Oh no, SAND! Grab your children and run!

Sign Shak Sign
Above: Now we know where they go!

If you're on an overland trip in Africa and you come across a funny sign post, let us know and we'll post it on our blog!

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