Best note counting machines

No matter how big or small your business, or how famous or well-known it is, note counting machines have probably become a very important aspect in today’s era. With the increasing amount of fraud and other such scams, note counting machines are something that can be fully relied on. These machines save time and lessen the burden of counting every single note again and again.

There are certain features of these machines which ought to be kept in mind before you buy a note counting machine. Those features are precisely defined below.

  • Detection of Fake Currency- A note counting machine must always detect if there’s any fake currency. The main work of these machines is to detect fake currencies. This has to be ensured that the machine does not even accept any kind of fake currencies while counting the notes.
  • Conditions- The controls or the terms and conditions must always be checked before buying these machines.
  • Maximum Stacking Capacity- The capacity of these machines on how much notes can be inserted at once must be checked and should be known before buying the machine.

Best note counting machines

The list of top 5 note counting machines is mentioned below.

  1. Ooze Currency Counting Machine- The machine can detect fake notes through watermark or magnetic methods and the method depends upon the type of the currency. It has a warranty of 1 year and has a stacking capacity of 1000 notes per minute. It has a feature of automatic start and stop and the checker does not need to wait and press the start/stop button all the time. Ooze Currency Counting Machine is very easy to use.

  1. Stok Currency Counting Machine- This machine has a warranty of 1 year. The machine can check or count any kind of denominations and counts with a speed of 1000 notes per minute. The machine has a stacking capacity of 300 notes. It comes with an extra fuse just in case of any emergencies. It has a feature of automatic start and stop. The fake note detecting alarm is known to be great.

  1. GOLD STANDARD Currency Counting Machine- This machine has become one of the best selling note counting machine on Amazon. It has UV and magnetic sensors to detect fake notes if any and can detect Indian as well as foreign notes. The machine has a stacking capacity of 200 notes at once and has an inbuilt LED light that changes color if there are any fake notes detected. The device can be easily carried and plugin anywhere.

  1. Godrej Currency Counting Machines- This machine comes with an automatic fake notes detection and has a speed of 1000 notes per minute. It has an automatic start, stop, and clear feature. The machine has an aesthetic design and also has a one-year warranty.
  2. GOBBLER GB5388 Currency Counting Machine- This machine is the 5th best-ranked machine in the list. It can precisely and accurately count INR 10, 50, and 2000 notes and has a warranty of one year. The device is of good quality and makes counting currencies easy and less time-consuming. The machine has 2 LCD lights one of them faces towards the customers.


Counting notes and detecting fake notes are now made easier and less time-consuming. These were the top 5 machines which may provide you with a lot of ease and comfort while counting notes. These devices are indeed the best note counting machines in India 2020. The cost of allotting this work to another person can now be cut-off. These machines are a one-time investment and they come with one or two years’ warranty. Buying any of these devices would not be a decision you would regret.

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