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Iona National Park Budget Travel

Iona National Park is situated in Angola, in the Namibe Province, about 200 km from the city of Namibe.

Iona National Park budget travel is highly recommended, with a host of things to see, including game, bird life and rock formations.

Iona National Park Budget Safaris

Iona National Park spans about 5850 sq. miles, making it the largest in the country.

Sadly, after the Angolan Civil War the park became a target for poachers, and game stocks have been quite seriously depleted.

Still, it is well worth a visit to this huge park, and as entrance fees are not too expensive, this is ideal for Iona National Park budget safaris.

Efforts are currently underway to replace some of Iona's lost wildlife. The 'big five' of Iona now include springbok, kudu, ostrich, oryx and cheetah.

There are a variety of desert and semi-desert ecosystems in Iona National Park, including mobile dunes along the coast, calcrete plains, desert grasslands, arid montane shrubland and open woodland and arid savanna.

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