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7 Tips To Pick The Best Chair For Your Office

Be it the businessman or the corporate employee, getting the office chair is of the utmost importance. With the right type of office chair, working in the office becomes easier. Also, it’s essential to get the best office chair for ergonomics and the healthy. We’ve seen many people sitting in the wrong chair that doesn’t suit their posture and causes serious back pain issues.

That’s why getting the right type of office chair that suits your ergonomics and is comfortable is imperative. Many people get the office chair that has a lot of cushioning, but don’t care about the other factors. That’s what we are planning to avoid. In this post, we are going to share a few tips that will help you to pick the best office chair. Be it the home office or the corporate office; you can get the best chair that you feel comfortable and work for a long time without any back pain or other health issues.

best office chair

How to Get the Best Office Chair?

There are a lot of aspects you have to take care of while choosing the best office chair. After doing thorough research, you can easily get the best office chair. Here are the tips that will help you to pick the right office chair that suits your needs.

#1 – Type

There are different types of office chairs. They are suitable for sitting, but for different people. The high back, low back and medium back chairs are the most common ones in the market.

The high back, as the name suggests, have the big backrest, which is the characteristic of this product. With the high-back design, they are suitable for people with huge height. Such chairs support the big back and have the ergonomics.

With the medium back chairs, the people with medium height gets proper rest. With the medium-sized backrest, it supports all of the people with normal height. It’s one of the most common types of office chair in India.

The low back chairs are also the most common. They are commonly used as visitor chairs, but suitable for personal use. You can use it in the home office due to space constraints. The low back chairs are not suitable for long term use.

#2 – Ergonomics

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The ergonomics of the office chair decides the quality and usability of the same. Having the proper ergonomic design makes the office chairs the best suit for long term use. With the lumbar support, it becomes comfortable to sit in the chair with proper posture for a long time. Also, the lumbar support ensures the upright posture and helps you avoid back pain issues. Many people who have bought office chairs without the proper ergonomics or lumbar support always face back pain issues that may get serious in the long run. So, checking out the ergonomics is of the utmost importance.

#3 – Adjustability

Adjustability is one of the biggest factors that many people fail to consider. With the adjustability in the office chairs, you can adjust the height, and the angles to properly sit by maintaining your posture. Having the pneumatic height adjustment makes it easier to work properly on the big desks. You can easily adjust the height of the chair by a few centimetres and easily work on the big desks maintaining the proper angle.

Also, the forward and backward tilt makes it easier to work in the alert or comfy mode. If your office chair doesn’t have the forward or backward tilt or the reclining adjustments, then you are missing out on something big. Without the adjustability, you’ll get a chair that’s similar to the plastic chairs, but only with the cushioning.

#4 – Comfort

The reasons you are buying the office chair is because you want comfort. When you are sitting in the office chair, the first thing you feel is the covering material and then the cushioning. Both are the important things to notice when you are picking the best office chair for yourself. Some chairs come with the original leather. That’s a good thing as the leather will last for a long time. After that, we have office chairs with faux leather. The artificial leather is cheap and shiny. It’s also soft to touch and friendly to the skin. But the faux leather is not durable at all. It will tear off within a few months.

The third type of covering material is the cotton or the fabric blend. It’s very rare to see such office chairs, but they are available in some places. You can get them for better breathability and durability.

After the covering material, we have to focus on the filler material. The filler material usually consists of the foam. The foam is synthetic and will last for a long time. The foam provides additional comfort to the body while sitting and leaning on the same. Having the memory foam in the chair as a filler material will make it extra comfortable. As the memory foam adapts according to the body shape, it becomes more comfortable to sit on such chairs. Not just the foam, but some office chair manufacturers use dense cotton and artificial feathers. They are good for the skin and provide comfort. But having them is not an efficient way, as these materials are not very dense.

#5- Mobility

This is the unique feature of the office chairs. Having mobility is what makes the office chairs stand out from the other types of chairs. Only the office chairs have the revolving swivel base, that makes it easier to move the chair anywhere. You can move around while sitting on the chair effortlessly if the chair has a strong swivel base. The base made with chrome metal is the best thing. You can get the strong chrome metal in all of the high-end executive chairs. Some chairs have the full plastic base, which is not good considering the durability and the weight-bearing capacity of the chair.

Not just the swivel base, but the caster wheels ensure the proper movement of the chair. Make sure the caster wheels are made with the high-grade plastic and assembled properly. If you have the option to check the chair personally, then make sure the wheels are smooth and sturdy. Also make sure that the wheels are not made with the cheap quality plastic, as they might break after getting overwhelmed by the heavy person.

Final Words

As you are spending a lot of money on the office chair, you have to be a smart buyer. It makes no sense to go into the markets and get the office chair that neither suits your requirements nor provide you with any value. With the tips that we’ve mentioned in this post, you can easily find the best office chair for yourself. Follow these tips and research the market for the best office chair that suits your budget and comfort requirements.

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